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Half Greek-half American, Christina has an international background and brings with her years of experience working in STM publishing and sales. She spent two years in the Netherlands where she completed her MSc in International Relations and Diplomacy. Looking for a new challenge that would combine her publishing experience and diplomatic skills, she joined Atwood Tate in December 2015 to cover Catherine's maternity leave. Her main focus at Atwood Tate will be on Rights, International Sales, and Contract roles and Editorial vacancies in Trade, Academic, Educational, Professional and Association publishing (from graduates to mid-management) in London, the Home Counties and East Anglia.

Industry Spotlight: E-learning, Educational and Academic


Welcome to Atwood Tate’s industry spotlight series, where we go behind the scenes of each of our recruitment desks to give you the scoop on working with Atwood Tate. Our next entry is with our  fantastic editorial desk, manned by Christina Dimitriadi and Charlotte Tope.


Welcome to the busy Editorial Desk where Christina, our Senior Recruitment Consultant and recent addition Charlotte, man the editorial fort. We look after all of the editorial roles that come in, for the Educational, E-learning, Assessment & Testing, Academic, Professional and Trade sectors in London and East Anglia. Pretty much all sectors minus STM, which our lovely consultant Clare Chan takes care off, and B2B which you read about in our last desk spotlight blog (if you missed it you can check it out here).

Today, we are going to focus on the Educational, E-learning and Academic sectors, tell you more about what they are, how they differ and what roles we cover. In a future post we will cover trade and the professional sectors.

Educational Publishing

Educational Publishing is one of the largest sectors of publishing in the UK and it covers the whole spectrum, from curriculum publishers for primary and secondary schools to higher education publishers for university level. Educational publishing is dedicated to the creation and publication of textbooks and curriculum material for schools and higher education institutions. This includes the development of any additional content needed to support the course; such as workbooks, digital software, interactive websites and teacher’s guides. We work with candidates from their first roles up to the latest stages of their career development and positions you will be seeing advertised will range including Editorial Assistants, Project Editors, Commissioning Editors, Managing Editors, Product Managers, Heads of Editorial Content and Publishers.


A growing division of educational publishing is ELT which stands for English Language Teaching and focuses on the development of print and digital resources for students learning English as a second language. This can be primary school students up to adults learning English for professional or academic purposes. For positions in the ELT editorial sector we will be usually looking for candidates with an excellent command of the English language, very strong editorial skills, and some ELT teaching experience. People coming from a teaching background have a very valuable insight of knowing first-hand which products do or don’t work in the classroom. Any relevant ELT qualification can also be an advantage, such as CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

E-Learning, Assessment and Testing

We also work with a range of publishers and providers of online courses for teaching, research, studying and assessment. This is an exciting aspect of educational publishing that has been rapidly expanding in the digital age and we are seeing more products moving away from the traditional text heavy books or paper products to new and innovative forms of online learning content, interactive courses, modules and assessments. The jobs we cover here would range from traditional editorial roles to Digital Content Developers, Instructional Designers and Product Managers. Our candidates will usually have a solid print or digital publishing or ed-tech background and they would focus on the technical development of the product/course, for example its usability and performance as an educational resource.

Academic Publishing

Academic publishing is intended to communicate the latest research and developments to the academic community. We work with a rage of smaller and larger publishers and societies who publish scholarly journals, books, eBooks, text books and reference works for researchers, students and academic libraries. It is common for universities and museums to publish academic books, aimed particularly at academics and we also work with academic associations, who share information with their members or the public. Depending on the discipline, academic publishing can be split into two sectors, humanities and social sciences (HSS) and scientific, technical and medical (STM). A common term you will hear when applying for academic journals roles is the peer review process, which is a procedure of reviewing and evaluating the quality and validity of articles prior to publication. You can read more about the process here and on the websites of the majority of academic publishers. Common roles you will see us looking for are Editorial Assistants, Publications Editors, Commissioning Editors and Publishers.


We hope this blog gives you a good idea of the sectors we work within and what roles we cover. More desk spotlights are scheduled to come so do keep an eye on our website. For more information on editorial roles in educational, e-learning and academic publishing feel free to contact Christina at or Charlotte and

Atwood Tate recruits across all levels and all functions so if you are looking for a new role in publishing please get in touch with us at We also have a very active temps and freelance desk so of you are open to short term contracts or are looking to boost your freelance career, you can reach Alison at


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Bytethebook: Food and Drink Publishing – The Club at the Cafe Royal.

This Monday set off the first bi-monthly genre specific Bytethebook event, this time on food and drink publishing. Held at the beautiful Studio of the Club at the Cafe Royal, it was a great opportunity to learn about the world of food and drink publishing and network with authors, agents and publishers.

Bytethebook 1

The talk was chaired by Books for Cooks’ Eric Treuille and was joined by Publishing Director at Octopus, Stephanie Jackson, food blogger and author, Lizzie Mabbott, and Kathy Slack, chef, food writer and blogger.

Bytethebook 2

I am one of those people who loves to cook and can spend hours in bookstores lost in the cook book section until closing time. There’re a number of great cooks out there who publish their work in different ways. So I was wondering what’s the best way to publish your own cook book?

This was a great panel to give you a good understanding of different routes. From a publisher’s perspective, Stefanie loves to make it possible for talented people to bring their cooking ideas to a wider audience. “It’s about the recipes but it’s also about the story behind them”, she says. One of the cooks that she published was Lizzie, a passionate blogger with an interest in South East Asian food who writes about those mysterious ingredients in the south-eastern section of the supermarket in her book China Town Kitchen.

Kathy on the other hand is a self-published author, cook and gardener who wrote The Gluts & Gluttony Cookbook & Growing on growing and cooking your own vegetables. Her food blog had been running for 3-4 years when she decided to publish her book “in 6 weeks for a laugh!” Publishing directly arguably makes the book more passionate and personal but there can be unexpected costs. Kathy suggests a good way to go about it is through Blurb, an online platform that makes it easy for you to create any kind of book or magazine—in both print and digital formats—for yourself, to share, or to sell. “A cook book is not finished until it’s been sold”, so Kathy went on to do a full social media campaign and continued raising her book profile on her blog. It is hard work but it is definitely possible for self-published authors to make their money back and give people a different and completely personal cook book.

“When you write make it happy and write with passion – it’s all about the story. And if you want to do your own cook book just do it” – Eric Treuile.

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On Friday we had the chance to visit the BETT show and find out what the future of education holds. Being held at Excel this year, it was large exhibition with a great variety of exhibitors and colours. A nice blend of educational publishing companies, technological innovations and inspiring developments. A lot of fascinating interactive educational platforms, games and products that took us back in time to revisit the early school years to see how much has changed and to see how much fun learning truly is.


Throughout the BETT show, there were presentations and activities including a very animated robot, keeping everyone entertained. As we visited the stands, including: Hodder Education, SAGE, GL Assessment, Oxford University Press, Express Publishing, Macmillan Education to name a few, we were greeted with enthusiasm and the teams were happy to share their knowledge about the latest innovations.  A big thanks to all our clients for taking the time to speak to us!


BETT has a great range of seminars so there’s lots of background reading you can do if you weren’t able to get there, and there are Highlights videos and a blog.

BETT robot

Here are some useful links to keep up to speed:



And there’s a #Bettchat weekly on a Tuesday 4.30pm


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