BookMachine – How to Build a Community

Kellie and I went to BookMachine event How to Build a Community. It was a really good evening and we learnt loads of interesting facts about how to engage with your audience and sell more books!

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The first speaker was Sara Perkins who currently works for Disney on Social Media and Community strategies. She started by defining the word community and the importance of defining your audience, explaining that communities are a group who are strengthened by common beliefs and passions.

Sara then went on to talk about five key points to building effective communities:

  1. Define your community and understand your audience, make sure that your brand is the right fit and find people in your business who understand it and can fully engage with it – social media should be fully integrated into the marketing mix
  2. Have a purpose
  3. Keep it real, make sure that your space is appropriate and that you mirror real life
  4. Keep your eye on the future, be proactive and take the time to consider future trends
  5. Nurture your communities and understand and appreciate that it needs time and attention to grow

Will Rycroft, Community Manager at Vintage, was the next speaker who shared his experiences of building a community at Vintage. He reiterated the fact that you need to know your audience and think about the right times to share content on social media. He also said that your voice must be authentic and not phoney – your tone of voice must be right for the brand. He talked about the importance of collaboration, working together with large and small organisations. He used the example of how Vintage have collaborated with arts organisations as they recognised that book people tend to also like art and culture.

Thanks very much BookMachine for a great evening, we both came away very inspired on how we can use this in our own work!

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