Byte the Book’s- Blogs, Vlogs and Books: How can you use different platforms to build an audience.

This Byte the Book event focussed on discussions about content across different platforms and how best to use each medium successfully. The discussion was chaired by journalist Daisy Buchanan and her panelists included: Lisa Edwards (publisher at Carlton Books and author of the blog Because I Can), Rosie Allimonos (Digital Content Expert at YouTube) and Greg Jenner (Author of A Million Years in a Day – A History of Everyday Life and Historical Consultant to Horrible Histories).

Greg commented how blogging taught him how to become a better writer and how using a platform with an audience already there helped him to attract followers. He approached the Huffington Post directly and has his work spread across different platforms. Having an audience for his writing also gave him some clout when pitching to publishers for his book.

Rosie commented on how Vlogs are being used by older people, especially in beauty and can also be used to gain valuable audience feedback for writers such as ”The Fault in Our Stars” author John Green.

Social talent agencies are also now on the rise looking for social media writers such as “Buzzfeed”.

When it comes to building your social media brand as a writer, stick to your values and pick a unique quality about you that you can repeat. Also write in 1st person narratives as this is an effective way to get an audience to identify with you, and break down a wall. Blogging can be like keeping a diary or journal. They also used the example of  “The Diary of Anne Frank”.  In order to keep things interesting in your writing, throw in a bit of jeopardy and surprises.

Twitter was also mentioned and how to keep tweets real in 140 characters. You can use twitter to be bold, intelligent but make sure you have a safe audience when making opinions.

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