Candidate Testimonials

I would like to thanks Claire Carrington-Smith for all her help and support in getting my new role. I initially contacted Atwood Tate after seeing an ad on their site, and then spoke with Claire directly for all future correspondence and vacancies. She kept me in the loop throughout my recruitment journey and was so easy to talk with at each stage, which was hugely appreciated. I cannot thank her enough, and I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate as a result! Candidate Leanne Burke (placed as Production Controller at DK)September 2021

Atwood Tate and in particular Claire Carrington-Smith and Karine Nicpon were excellent in their approach and professionalism in helping me to succeed in gaining a role with Canongate Publishing.  Both consultants were very structured and diligent in their approach and provided a very personal and professional service.  They have great communication skills, are very thorough and kept me informed at every stage of the process.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Atwood Tate to anyone either looking to change or advance their career.   Should I wish to change role in the future, Atwood Tate would be my first point of contact! Candidate Anita Auch, placed in HR role July 2021.

The consultant I worked with was Claire Carrington-Smith and she was absolutely fantastic. I applied for my new role through the agency rather than Atwood Tate finding something for me, though I feel confident Claire would have done her best to place me in a fitting role. She’s such a nice and approachable person that I felt very comfortable throughout the whole hiring process, I would definitely use Atwood Tate again. Candidate Abby Buttery, placed as Sales Executive at Leo Paper, April 2021.

I would like to thank Claire Carrington-Smith for her wonderful support and professionalism in helping me through the recruitment process. I really valued the personal attention and one-to-one coaching, it helped me feel comfortable and confident for the interview and post-interview phase. I would work with Atwood Tate again and recommend to anyone looking to take their next step in Publishing. Dhara Snowden (placed as Textbook Manager, UCL Press, March 2021)

I am very grateful to both Claire Carrington-Smith and Karine Nicpon at Atwood Tate for helping me find an incredible opportunity in these very uncertain times. I have never applied through a recruitment agency before, but I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate to anyone looking for a new role in the publishing industry. Claire and Karine both demonstrated a clear understanding of my experience and the type of role I was looking for, helping me to reach for a position I perhaps would have been less confident in applying for on my own. The team at Atwood Tate are friendly, helpful and understanding, which put me at ease from the very beginning. I received excellent advice, not only on general interviewing tips but also specifically relating to my interview and interviewer. Job-hunting can be a stressful and difficult experience, so if you’re looking for the right help and support then Atwood Tate are the ones to turn to. Candidate Charlie Wilson, placed as Commissioning Editor at Walker Books, March 2021.

I have only good things to say in regard to my work placement by Atwood Tate. I was contacted through LinkedIn and carried on communications through phone and email very effectively. The role was exactly what I was looking for and it was a pleasure to work with Karine. She accompanied all stages of recruitment, which she updated me on regularly. Always offering advice and help whenever needed and checking-in to make sure everything was running well. I could also see the good communication with Human Resources, and I feel that was determinant for the process. I am very happy to recommend Atwood Tate. Sandra Santos (placed as Digital Resources Manager at The Royal Society, January 2021).

I would very much like to thank both Karine Nicpon and Clare Chan at Atwood Tate for helping me find an excellent opportunity in these very unusual times. They really understood my experience and the type of work I was looking for, and I think the job I found is, hopefully, a perfect fit. They were both really friendly, very approachable and understanding, which has not always been my experience when working with recruiters. They gave great advice, not only on general interviewing tips but also specifically to my interview and interviewer. Atwood Tate were recommended to me by a colleague and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for new roles in the publishing industry. (Candidate Lee Silvé placed as VLE Product Manager at First Intuition Learning Solutions, August 2020)

I would like to thank Karine Nicpon for finding me the perfect position for my skills, experience, and flexible working requirements. It was lovely to meet Karine in person early on in the process, and I appreciated her willingness to spend time with me, understand my background and what I was looking for – and to give me great hints and tips about finding the right role. I am really delighted with my new job and appreciate that Karine was key in such a successful match. Like many companies it must have been challenging for Atwood Tate during the lock-down, but their service didn’t falter, they gave some great ‘virtual interview’ tips, and I would highly recommend them for anyone changing roles or looking for a new start in the publishing industry. (Candidate Sara Purdy placed as Head of Publishing British Society for Immunology, July 2020)

Thanks to Clare Chan and the team at Atwood Tate for helping me find employment in the middle of a crazy time. They were great with helping me look for roles, and most importantly lovely people!
I’d recommend anyone looking for jobs in the publishing industry to head their way! (Candidate James Hunter placed as a Creative Designer Osprey Publishing, May 2020)

I was contacted on LinkedIn by Claire Carrington-Smith and the message couldn’t have come at a better time. I had just started looking for a new role and the one that Claire found was a perfect fit. Claire was incredibly supportive throughout the application process and kept me updated on my progress. This was especially appreciated when coronavirus resulted in some delays. I am pleased to report that I am now about to start my new job as Portfolio Manager in the educational publishing industry. If you are looking for roles in this area, I highly recommend Claire. She is professional, caring, and attentive. Thank you for your support! (Candidate Isabel Berwick placed as Portfolio Manager at McGraw-Hill, April 2020)

My experience with Atwood Tate has been fantastic — Novia, Kathryn and the rest of the team have been very helpful, supportive and professional, and after three months of temping I was offered a contract extension at one of the leading publishing companies in London. I would highly recommend Atwood Tate for anyone pursuing a career in the publishing industry — they really take the time to get a feel for your strengths and help you find a role that fits you best. (Candidate placed as Rights Administrator, January 2020)

It has been a great success since registering in May this year. The windows into different areas of the publishing industry that assignments offered have proven invaluable for securing a permanent publishing role. I’ve felt supported from start to finish. (Candidate Emily Pickthall, December 2019)

Atwood Tate were really helpful and friendly when I first went to meet them and got me into a temporary role really quickly at a great publishing house. They were always easy to contact and happy to answer any questions I had. They were also really enthusiastic and encouraging when my temporary role got made permanent (even though that meant cutting my temporary contract short). Would definitely recommend Atwood Tate for anyone looking to get into publishing! (Candidate Natasha Healy, December 2019)

It has been a pleasure to receive support from Karine Nicpon and the team at Atwood Tate throughout the recruitment process. Karine gave expert assistance and advice, providing support not just at interview stage but also with negotiating the terms of my new contract. A joy to deal with, Karine and the team displayed great professionalism and encouragement to make what could have been a stressful experience smooth sailing from start to finish. I highly recommend Karine and Atwood Tate to anyone looking for a new role in the publishing industry. (Candidate David Mantovani), October 2019

I want to thank you so so so much Novia Kingshott for recruiting me and helping me get this job. You and the team made the process so quick and easy, you were so helpful during the initial interview stage, the paper work was done so painlessly, it was really amazing. I felt supported the entire time, and you were always available and quick to answer any queries or questions. Thank you for all you have done for me, I can honestly say you and the team have changed my life for the better. (Candidate Jenna Redah), October 2019

As a candidate going through the often challenging process of searching for the next role, I feel in such safe and capable hands at Atwood Tate. My agent, Novia Kingshott, is professional, attentive and efficient but, most importantly for me, she treats me like an individual. Novia completely understands what I’m looking for and has been incredibly kind and encouraging on my journey so far. It’s clear that her years of experience enable her to take a holistic approach and truly listen to her clients’ needs. I feel really lucky to have found her! (Candidate Sarah Riddell), September 2019

I signed up to Atwood Tate on a friend’s recommendation and I was so glad I did. Karine Nicpon and Parissa Bagheri were both friendly,  supportive and full of excellent advice. When you apply for a position through Atwood Tate, you know employers are going to take notice of your application. Interviews started coming in very quickly, and Karine and Parissa walked me through the interview stage to make sure I was as prepared as possible. My current position at an education publisher would not have been possible without the wonderful recruiters from Atwood Tate. (Sarah Yankelowitz, BBP Learning Media), August 2019

I was contacted by Clare Chan at Atwood Tate shortly after applying for a publishing role. Immediately, she arranged a face-to-face meeting to go through my all my preferences. She followed up at every stage of the process with more news and was always enthusiastic and encouraging. Not only did she negotiate an increase on the salary advertised for the role I applied for, but also secured the role for me mere days after I applied. I cannot recommend Clare or Atwood Tate highly enough. (Candidate placed as eBooks Account Executive at Faber & Faber, August 2019)

Novia Kingshott placed me in my current temping role with a major publishing company. She was very responsive and supportive, from the first contact to the job offer, making sure that I was informed and prepared for the interview. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who needs a hands-on recruiter. (Candidate placed as Temp Metadata Assistant at Harper Collins, August 2019)

‘I had a lot of questions when I registered to find work with Atwood Tate, and grateful to have met one of their consultants who was patient, understanding and knowledgeable in answering them all. The registration process was all very straight forward and I left feeling understood on the sort of work I would be suitable for and well supported in preparing for interviews. After being out of work for such a long time I thought it would hinder my career prospects but it was never an issue, and extremely grateful to have now found the type of work I was looking for, thank you Clare and Atwood Tate. (Candidate placed as Production Controller at Arcturus Publishing, May 2019)

I am very impressed with the professionalism and responsiveness of Clare Chan of Atwood Tate in her approach to help secure my next role. Clare’s personality is fabulous, she is very approachable, conscientious and understanding. I applied for a role on one of the job sites and Clare contacted me soon afterwards with more details, explaining that she would be putting me forward. A few days later, she also asked if I would like to apply for another slightly different role within the same organisation, which I was happy to do. In the end, I had 3 interviews for the initial role and each time, Clare was there with words of encouragement and tips for the interview. I received an offer and we negotiated a higher salary too. This role sounds like the perfect job for me – I am so grateful to Clare for being a big part of this whole journey. Clare is a credit to Atwood Tate. (Candidate placed as Project Manager at British Standards Institute, May 2019)

It can be a daunting task look for your first job in publishing – but Clare and Atwood Tate couldn’t have been more helpful! I’ve ended up with exactly the kind of job that I wanted and the experience and timeline was amazing. (Candidate placed as Assistant Production Controller at Arcturus Publishing Limited, May 2019)

From the point of view of a jobseeker, I have to say the journey with Atwood Tate and Novia could not have been more seamless. I have waited a long time to have the opportunity to move to London to pursue a career in publishing and when I could finally achieve this, the job hunt itself turned out to be — as I am sure you are aware — disheartening and exhausting. Novia, however, took those worries and parcelled them up in a neat box of distant memory. From our first phone call, she was a delight. Organised, respectful and efficient, she felt immediately trustworthy. I have met with people who make you feel like just another number, or a professional target for them to reach, but Novia is kind and affable who is truly interested in her candidates well-being. This makes a huge difference to a company’s appearance and I will be recommending Atwood Tate to any and every one who will listen. I honestly cannot thank her and you enough for the service you provide — ’tis the elixir of dreams. (Candidate placed as Temp Customer Service Administrator/Executive at Bloomsbury Publishing, April 2019)

I was over the moon to get a new job through Atwood Tate. Job-hunting can be a very stressful experience, but Catherine Roney’s professionalism made it a joy to work with her. She was really timely in responding to me, and made the whole progress really seamless. (Candidate placed as Subscriptions Marketing Manager at Motorsport Magazine, March 2019)

Catherine Roney was an excellent recruiter and supported and advised me through my entire recruitment process: helpful tips for the first video interview, travel advice and preparation for the final interview, salary negotiations and final contract. I strongly recommend her and Atwood Tate to other candidates. (Candidate placed as Higher Education Field Sales Representative at Independent Higher Education Publishing, March 2019)

Atwood Tate knew exactly what I was looking for and helped get me started in publishing. I was really impressed by their knowledge of the publishing industry – they are experts in the field and are connected with all the main players. They were heavily involved throughout the interview process and I found their guidance and support invaluable. The best thing about Atwood Tate is that they truly cared about me and my career. I’d recommend them to anyone! (Candidate placed as Sales and Operations Assistant at APA Publications, by Parissa Bagheri, Feb 2019)

Prior to signing up with Atwood Tate, I had never worked with a recruitment agency so I really didn’t know what to expect. Upon registering online I was soon contacted with a vacancy that was suggested would match my skills. I soon met with Clare for a discussion about what I was looking for in my career and current goals, and I was so impressed by her friendly and welcoming nature and felt like she understood my needs and questions completely. Clare made me feel like a priority throughout the interview process and was quick to answer any questions I had. She was readily available, and made the interview process much smoother with her words of advice and professionalism in forwarding my questions to the company promptly. With Clare’s assistance, I managed to get the job, and firmly believe I wouldn’t have done it without her. I am incredibly thankful to her, and Atwood Tate, and would definitely recommend them, Clare in particular. (Candidate placed as Permission Administrator at Publishers’ Licensing Services, Feb 2019)

Placing a candidate in the right role requires far more than a simple turnkey solution. It involves a forensic understanding of the candidate’s unique career journey, a keen grasp of their key skills, and an intuitive sense of their synergy with the hiring organisation. Atwood Tate exuded professionalism at every touchpoint: from the initial meeting, to tailored CV advice, to follow-up exchanges on interview day. Helen Speedy, my assigned consultant at Atwood Tate, was meticulous in her approach, keeping me informed of my application’s status for the Social Media Manager role at SJH Group. Her experience of placing candidates in roles that lie at the intersection of publishing and tech, was clear from the outset. Above all, Helen is personable and sincere, with a genuine commitment to forging a lasting professional relationship with client and candidate alike. (Adam Kolczynski, placed as Social Media Manager at St James’ House Group, Jan 2019)

When I decided that I wanted a new challenge in my career, and something a bit different to my current role, I worked with Claire Carrington-Smith after receiving an email job alert for a role that really caught my eye. Claire was absolutely superb throughout the whole process and really made the whole thing a bit less stressful! She was really informative, and gave me some great tips for what to cover in the interview, as well being extremely positive throughout the whole thing. Claire kept me updated throughout the whole process and was quick to answer any questions and queries I had along the way. I would 100% recommend Atwood Tate to colleagues in a similar situation who need some help, or just don’t want to go through the job application process alone. Excellent service – I’m a very satisfied customer! (Candidate placed as Senior Author Operations & Services Specialist at Wiley)

When starting my search for a new opportunity, Atwood Tate was the first recruiter I registered with given their significant reputation and recommendations. The support was immediate and my first face to face meeting with Helen gave me the boost I needed, her personable and encouraging approach filled me with confidence. Clare’s commitment to maintaining communication every step of the way was a huge support and really highlights the difference between Atwood Tate and other recruitment agencies. I was delighted to receive an excited call from Clare with my offer following a successful second interview and her enthusiasm just captured the whole experience. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Atwood Tate to anyone looking for the next opportunity- a professional and friendly team who are determined to help you achieve your goals! (Candidate placed as Managing Editor at The Biochemical Society)

This was my first experience of working with Atwood Tate, and I have to say what a fantastic experience and positive journey it has been. My recruitment consultant was Clare Chan. Clare provided an excellent service from start to finish, she was professional and extremely helpful with advice and reassurances along the way. She was also incredibly friendly on the telephone when discussing the role. I couldn’t recommended Clare enough, I am very grateful for all of her hard work along the way. Atwood Tate are doing it differently to other recruitment companies, you’ll see the difference. (Candidate placed as Inside Sales Executive at a National Standards Body)

When I started my search for a new job, Atwood Tate was the first recruiter that I registered with, I knew of their reputation for excellent recruitment in the wider publishing industry. Having been in a highly varied position with a niche publisher, I was looking for something more challenging but equally varied. Fortunately a fantastic and rare opportunity was emailed over to me via Atwood Tate’s automatic update service and I immediately got in touch with Claire Carrington-Smith. Claire was so helpful, explaining the role to me in detail, and guiding me through the first interview stage with her extremely knowledgeable and friendly manner. Fortunately I made it through to the second round of interviews where I was asked to give a presentation, Claire took the time to review my work and come back with comments on what needed cutting/expanding, this was immensely helpful. When I received the call from Claire to let me know the news that I had a job offer I was overjoyed! I would highly recommend Atwood Tate to anyone who wants a friendly personalised service, and ultimately to achieve a fantastic career. Yasmin Keel (Candidate placed as Account Manager at Leo Paper Group)

This was my first experience of using a recruitment agency and I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate to anyone looking for a job within the publishing industry. I used the email job alert service to view roles I was interested in and was impressed by the diversity of roles available and the many different companies Atwood Tate work with. Claire was the consultant who helped me find my first job in publishing, straight out of university! She was really encouraging over the phone and via email – she prepped me before my interviews and caught up with me afterwards to discuss how they had gone. She was so approachable and happy to help, it made the whole process a lot less stressful. (Candidate placed as Sales Administrator at Bloomsbury, September 2018)

I decided to apply for the CV surgery contest because as someone who is new to the publishing industry and has no prior work experience in this area, I wanted to have my CV assessed by someone who is much more knowledgeable of that industry. Also, I was feeling a bit frustrated at the lack of progress with my job search because I had been applying for jobs all year.I was very happy with the quality of communication with everyone involved. From the moment I found out I had won the competition to the communication I had with Christina after the consultation, I felt well-informed at every stage.
My surgery appointment experience was brilliant. Christina was very warm and welcoming throughout our meeting. I appreciated the fact that she took the time to find out more about me, my background, my interests and career goals before moving onto the actual CV part of the consultation. When the time came to analyse my CV, she thoroughly went through each section of it suggesting ways I could improve it and also pointed out things she liked about it too. She also explained why she made the suggestions she did, which I appreciated.
After the CV surgery, I have a more positive outlook towards my job hunt and feel more confident. Now that I know how to sell myself and my skills more effectively on my CV, I find myself applying for jobs that interest me with less hesitation. Before the CV surgery I used to talk myself out of applying for certain roles if I didn’t think I had the complete skill set or relevant experience required for them. Now I have a bit more confidence to apply for roles that I am interested in, even if my experience or skill set isn’t a 100% percent match. (Tenelle Ottley-Matthews, Editorial CV Surgery Winner, September 2018)

I hadn’t used a recruitment agency before to look for or find a role, but I would recommend Atwood Tate to anyone. I approached Olivia regarding a particular role in London and she was extremely helpful and supportive from the beginning. I felt that my career development and needs were understood quickly, and I was kept updated at all stages of the application and interview processes. Olivia also helped negotiate my start date when I was offered the job after one interview. As I was based outside London, I was able to meet with Claire in the Oxford offices as it was more convenient for me, and it couldn’t have been a better experience. I would recommend the team at Atwood Tate without hesitation for anyone interested in publishing roles. (Laura Knowles, placed as Senior Marketing Executive at BMJ, August 2018)

I was aided in finding a new career by Olivia Constantinides, who contacted me very quickly after I had applied for a vacancy that Atwood Tate was representing. She was informative, friendly and encouraging, and also made me welcome at Atwood Tate’s offices when I registered with them.
During registration, she asked plenty of pertinent questions, unlike some agencies I had tried before, and thus had accurate information to work with. As preparation for my job interview, she emailed me detailed and helpful information, so I was as well prepared as I could possibly be. As a result, I was offered an ideal job, less than a week after I first discovered Atwood Tate existed! This was after a long and fruitless search, using less specialised agencies.
I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to work in the publishing world. In fact, I have already recommended them once, and would happily do so again. (Candidate placed as Sales and Customer Care Administrator at Biochemical Society, August 2018)

I worked with Claire Carrington-Smith to secure my new role with OCLC, and I am immensely grateful for her support and encouragement throughout. I hadn’t been actively looking for a new role, but Claire contacted me speculatively and the role was immediately of interest.The service received from Claire and Atwood Tate in general, has been excellent and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new opportunity or career change within scholarly publishing.
(Fiona Carr, placed as Sales Account Manager, UK&I Libraries at OCLC, July 2018)

I couldn’t recommend Atwood Tate enough for someone seeking a job in the publishing industry. My recruiter Olivia was wonderful to work with: professional and approachable, efficient in e-mails, thoughtful in jobs suggestions and extremely helpful in interview preparation. I’d like to thank her personally for helping me secure my new role, which I’m greatly looking forward to beginning- all as a result of the hard work at Atwood Tate. (Project Coordinator recently placed at an academic publisher, July 2018)

I had signed up to receive alerts from Atwood Tate for roles I was interested in, but Olivia also contacted me directly with a role she thought might be suitable for me. It was and I applied right away! She kept me updated with responses from the employer as soon as she heard back, and gave me some great advice and tips for the interview. She addressed any concerns I had about my suitability for the role and I really think the advice she gave me increased my confidence on the day. She told me the following morning that I really impressed the interviewers and was offered the job straight away so thank you Olivia!
I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate to jobhunters. (Laura Eccles, Publishing Sales Executive, Kaplan, May 2018)

My experience with Atwood Tate (and in particular Clare Chan) has by far exceeded my expectations of how finding a position with a recruitment agency would be. I had imagined there would be no suitable positions, it would be difficult, and I would never hear anything from the agents. Perhaps this is what other agencies are like, but I could not recommend Atwood Tate more.
After setting my search preferences and registering with the agency, an ideal job alert was sent to me. I contacted Clare straight away, while simultaneously she had contacted me providing me with detailed information about the role, recommending that I reply. It is this proactive and personal approach that seems to set the agency apart.
I was invited to interview for this position, and Clare sent me the Atwood Tate interview advice. She is a highly responsive, efficient and personable agent that I could not recommend more, guiding me all the way through the process – all the way through to the point she contacted me to tell me I had been offered the job, the first one I had applied for through the agency. Excellent. (Marianna Kaye, Assistant Editor, British Ecological Society, April 2018)

I was approached by Claire Carrington- Smith at the very end of December via LinkedIn. We had a chat the same day and the role she suggested sounded just like what I have been looking to apply for, so we did…
I have to say that based on my prior experience with agencies I was not expecting to be kept in the loop every step of the way. Claire, however made sure to call or email me through the whole process, which was great as it gave me confidence in the agency and did not feel like they were just finding candidates to fill bulk up their finds for their clients. The whole experience was very personal.
I was asked to come for and interview at the beginning of the year and after my second interview I was offered the job.
Claire was brilliant at negotiating on my behalf and arranging my start date. She was prompt with forwarding me details and I can say that I was genuinely happy with her professionalism and would use Atwood Tate again and recommend them to other candidates.
I am very happy where I am, and it feels like the right fit. (May Elamin, Sales and Production Controller,  Imago, April 2018)

Olivia got in touch with me towards the end of 2017/ early 2018 and let me know about a few roles. We had originally had a conversation where I told Olivia that I was looking for a step up in my career, and every role she’s brought to my attention has been just that – everything I had asked for. It just so happens that I was successful in one of the first positions she brought to my attention.
I’ve had dealings with a few recruitment agencies, and hand on heart I can confidently say I haven’t received a service like that of Olivia’s and Atwood Tate. She kept in touch with me at every part of the process, kept me in the loop with other jobs, and would take phone calls and messages from me at any time which was excellent customer service to saye least.
I will certainly stay connected and in touch with Olivia, and without a shadow of a doubt recommend her to any candidate that asks my advice in this area. (Alex Yagoub, Academic Partnership Manager, Macmillan, March 2018)

Atwood Tate have been brilliant every step of the way in helping me find a job that is well suited for my skills. Clare has kept me up to date and I’ve felt like I could email or ring her with questions or enquiries at any point. Couldn’t have asked for a better consultant to help further my career. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a job in Publishing! (Hannah Tosh, Production Controller, Little Tiger Press, March 2018)

Atwood Tate is by far the most supportive agency I have come across. I worked with Karine Nicpon, and I felt very well looked after at every stage in the process. She was attentive and professional, patient and understanding. I always felt that I could give her a call, whether for advice in composing a cover letter or for a quick confidence boost before an interview. I would absolutely recommend this service. Lovely people! (Loren Harway, Assistant Editor, STEP, December 2017)

In selecting my CV and putting me forward, Karine has played a key part in my career move from systems analysis into editorial. Karine was also instrumental in negotiating the details of the offer. Her professional but relaxed manner made me feel comfortable throughout and I would look forward to working with her again. (Samantha Phillips, Associate Editor,  Buyers Lab Ltd)

At Atwood Tate they quickly understood what I was looking for my next career move and their suggestions for new roles were very helpful. Karine was very friendly and efficient and I felt she was fighting my corner. She was always available and interested in discussing my process, keeping me updated through it all and swiftly liaising with the employer on my behalf. I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate. (Alicia Dimas, Content Executive CQI)

I have had a great experience with Atwood Tate – working with Karine, I was set up immediately with a job interview for my perfect role. Karine kept in touch with me throughout the whole process, and was vital in negotiating me my desired salary as well as my start date. The whole experience has been very personal and has resulted in me getting a desired job, very speedily! I have already recommended Atwood Tate to a colleague and will definitely continue to do so. (Helen Swire, News Editor)

A friend recommended Atwood Tate to me and I met with Publishing Recruitment Consultant, Olivia Constantinides. Throughout the job-hunting process Olivia was very helpful and personally contacted me about suitable roles. I would also recommend signing up for the online job alert service. Olivia was very helpful when it came to all stages of the process including application, interviews and offer. I would highly recommend Olivia and the team at Atwood Tate for publishing jobs. – , Pearson, February 2017

Atwood Tate is the first recruitment agency that I have used and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a role in publishing. Karine Nicpon was my consultant and was key in helping to place me in my new role as a Content Editor in a well-established scientific society. Throughout the process, Karine has been friendly, professional and always available for a quick call or email to have a chat about prospective roles. She has been a great liaison between myself and the employer throughout the recruitment process and has always been supportive of any potential roles. I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate, and Karine in particular, to those searching for a new role due to their professionalism and approachable nature.- (Fariza Bhuiya, Content Editor role at The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, December 2016)

Helen Speedy and, indeed, Atwood Tate represent what we should understand as a recruitment consultancy: she and they take the time and effort to understand their candidates and thereby present their clients with the right candidates for the right roles. This is not easy to do and rarely effected by others in their profession. In the publishing world, if you need a position filled, you should use Atwood Tate. Definitely. – Benjamin Glover, November 2016

The London publishing market is extremely competitive and it can be very difficult to stand out and get noticed when applying for positions.  Working with Olivia at Atwood Tate helped me in understanding which roles and companies were the best fit for what I was looking for at this stage of my career, and helped me to get that all-important foot in the door. I would definitely recommend them to any newcomer to London looking to break into the industry. – (Melanie Kydd, Sales Support Executive at Becker Professional Education, November 2016)

When I decided to move back to the UK after nearly twenty years in Spain, I registered with a number of recruitment agencies specialising in the Publishing sector, before doing so with Atwood Tate. I can honestly say that from the very first moment, the attention and professionalism shown towards me by Olivia Constantinides stood out in comparison with other Consultants I had previously been in contact with. I was regularly kept informed of the situation with my application and always felt that she was on my side. The information I received was always clear and detailed, and any questions or queries I had were always answered speedily and appropriately. I particularly appreciated the post-offer assistance I received, as regards starting date and negotiation of the final package. All in all I couldn’t have been happier with Olivia and would recommend them without hesitation to colleagues…..and will definitely make use of them myself in the future if needed (although I’m not considering doing so for a long time yet!! – (Colin Dobson, International Sales Manager, Renaissance, September 2016)

Atwood Tate was one of the few employment agencies that treated me as an individual with specific skills. Most other agencies use the shotgun approach that is time consuming yet ineffective. Clare Louise and Lisa emailed me when they had jobs they thought I would be interested in and once the interview process began, they kept me up to date every step of the way. They helped me negotiate the starting date I wanted. Even after the offer was made, they kept in touch. Thank you, Claire Louise, Lisa and Atwood Tate. – (Cathy Stagg, Managing Editor, Amberley Publishing, August 2016)

I had not had any experience with a recruiting agency before, and I was unsure of the benefits or of what to expect. However when Karine Nicpon from Atwood Tate approached me on LinkedIn with the perfect role, it was clear she had taken the time to read my profile and career history. Karine was approachable, professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire process and her communication skills were impeccable. She knew, in depth, the requirements of the client, and she also understood my skills and career goals. I would recommend Atwood Tate to any of my colleagues in the publishing industry. – (Miranda Wilson-Wood, Content Development Editor at BIR, August 2016)

Deciding on your next career move isn’t always the easiest decision to make. When I was approached by Olivia at Atwood Tate I was presented with an excellent opportunity. Olivia had taken the time to read my profile, study my suitability, and felt strongly enough to approach me directly with a role which she felt I’d be a good fit for. Communication was very good; I received regularly up-to-date information throughout the entire process, which ultimately helped inform my final decision. I would happily use Atwood Tate again and recommend their service to other colleagues.  I would also like to personally recommend Olivia, who I thank for helping me secure my next new challenge, which I’m looking forward to immensely. —(Darren Amner, Marketing Manager at Bloomsbury (candidate), February 2016)

I found Atwood Tate to be excellent during my job search process. I found them to be approachable, interested and understanding of the process. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I’d been selected by an Atwood Tate agent as someone they thought would be right for a move, because I had just begun thinking about a move myself. Karine Nicpon in particular was a huge help in landing me in the right place for my skills; I’m happy to say that as a result of her help, I managed to land the first role I applied for. I think this shows a good knowledge of recruitment processes, as it was clear I was the right fit for the role. Karine was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient, and I was impressed by the speed and professionalism with which she conducted the search. I’d be very happy to recommend Atwood Tate and Karine in particular, and I have only good things to say about my experience with the recruitment agency. — (Francesca Sturiale, Production Controller at Bloomsbury (candidate), December 2015)

Beatrice Harper at Atwood Tate was both professional and incredibly approachable throughout my application for the role. As it was my first time using an agent to find a job, I did not know what to expect but Beatrice was ready to answer all my questions and give me advice on how to prepare for the interviews. The process was smooth and speedy, and I was kept up to date throughout by email, phone and SMS, which was an excellent and personal service. I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate to other candidates. — (Wei Jun Chung, Sub-editor at Euromoney PLC (candidate), December 2015)

As my first experience with a recruitment agency I wasn’t sure what to expect. But my consultant Catherine Roney was extremely helpful from the outset; providing me with additional resources to help me in my job search, feedback on my application, and excellent communication whenever there were queries or updates to my application process. All in all, the process was smooth and pleasant; I was offered the maximum salary for the role and my consultant continued support after I’d begun my placement. I will be recommending Atwood Tate to all of my publishing contacts. — (Ruth Power, Publishing Officer at Royal Academy of Dance (candidate), November 2015)

This is the second time I have experienced the recruitment process with Helen Speedy at Atwood Tate and I fully advocate their service. I was gratified to find that Helen instantly remembered me as one of her previously placed candidates; despite this occurring some years ago. I felt that this was a clear demonstration of their consultants’ thorough dedication and knowledge of the individuals and companies they work with. Going through the recruitment process once more with Helen felt very much like a partnership, with guidance and support offered at every stage. Atwood Tate knew their client’s requirements well and this was reflected in the incisive feedback provided to me during all aspects of the hiring process which I’m sure was integral to my successful application. — (Emma Hester, Sales Director at Casemate/Oxbow Books (candidate), October 2015)

Many thanks, especially to my consultant Beatrice who did a great job managing my application and all stages of the recruitment process for this role. She spent considerable time on the phone with me, advising me and keeping me informed of the various steps, eg. interviews and tasks. She was also quick to respond to email correspondence. Beatrice was instrumental in negotiating the T&Cs that I was hoping for, and this was a great help. It was also much appreciated to receive an email from her enquiring how my first week in the new job went. Thanks very much Beatrice! (Catharine Tucker, candidate recently placed as B2B Editor, September 2015)

I found working with Karine Nicpon from Atwood Tate was extremely helpful in my continuing career development. Throughout my job search, the entire team at Atwood Tate were very professional and I felt that the level of service and support I received was very high. I felt that my goals for my career were well understood and that real effort was made in suggesting suitable vacancies that were ambitious yet attainable. Throughout the application process, Karine was very communicative and prompt in replying to any queries I had. I would strongly recommend Atwood Tate. — (Candidate recently placed as Manuscript Editor at the International Federation of Gynecology & Obstetrics, July 2015)

Kellie has been a fantastic Recruitment Consultant to work with. From the point of applying for my contract, she has been extremely reliable and supportive in my quest to secure a contract. Kellie understands the needs of a day rate contractor, which meant that I was relieved of a lot of stress with regards to contract creation, which was much appreciated. Her ability to forge and maintain a strong working relationship with the client contributed to subsequent timely contract renewals, ultimately making the process feel seamless. Kellie’s personable and enthusiastic nature meant that I have not been treated as just another candidate on the agency books. I hope to continue working with Kellie, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a Recruitment Consultant, both for individuals seeking a new role, and also organisations requiring a recruitment expert. — (Natalie Coker, Business Analyst at BMJ(candidate), July 2015)

Dr Beatrice Harper was a great help in finding me a managing editor role at a company with a large range of publications and websites. She helped me all the way through the recruitment process and I would recommend her without reservation. — (Candidate recently placed as Editor, News, July 2015)

Working with Atwood Tate has transformed my job search. Karine was very proactive in contacting me with roles that closely matched my skills and experience; it was clear that she had a good idea of what the client was looking for. The whole process from application to hiring took less than a month, and Karine was personable and professional at each stage of the process, staying in touch by email and checking in after interviews by text message. She also provided support in negotiating the offer and start date on my behalf. I would wholeheartedly recommended Atwood Tate to future job-hunters. — (Candidate recently placed as Medical Editor at Wounds Group, June 2015)

Atwood Tate were extremely helpful in their approach and attitude towards securing me my new position. I had barely begun my search with them before receiving my interview offer! My consultant was extremely helpful and consistent in her advice and communications with me, and I would be more than happy to recommend them again. — (Candidate recently placed at Guinness World Records, June 2015)

I’ve had some poor or indifferent experiences with recruitment consultants; some seemed uninterested from the start, while others began full of enthusiasm, but lost contact pretty quickly. But Beatrice Harper at Atwood Tate stands out from the crowd in terms of professionalism, availability and effectiveness. She established face-to-face contact from the start, alerted me to suitable roles and was always available with advice and feedback. If I’m ever in the market for another job, I would definitely contact Beatrice, and I have already recommended her to friends. — (John Manley (candidate), May 2015)

Karine was personable and professional throughout the recruitment process – she was prompt in replying to my initial contacts, and kept me informed of developments regarding the roles applied for. Furthermore, I received a regular stream of suggested roles, giving me the flexibility to identify those that best suited my needs, skills and experience. If you are looking to make your next move in publishing and need a hand, Atwood Tate is the place to go. — (Candidate recently placed as Senior Publishing Editor at Royal Society Publishing, April 2015)

I had an excellent experience with Atwood Tate. Karine Nicpon’s friendly and proactive approach made my job search a breeze. I felt that my job requirements were fully understood from the start and I was updated throughout the recruitment process. I would highly recommend Atwood Tate to other candidates. Thank you! (Candidate recently placed as Commissioning Editor at Taylor and Francis, March 2015)

Thanks to Beatrice for reminding me that there is room for warmth in this fierce competition that is job-hunting and determining one’s value and true place in the jobs market. I have received sincere words of encouragement, and gentle reminders of the obvious which can so easily be overlooked with experience, delivered with genuine kindness and care. Such a breath of fresh air! Thank you Beatrice! Thank you Atwood Tate! (Candidate recently placed as Senior News Editor/Analyst, February 2015)

Karine at Atwood Tate was brilliant at matching me up to the right job, and she was a great help and support throughout the whole process.  I ended up getting the first job that she put me forward for, and it was very quick and straightforward – so she is clearly great at knowing which candidates will be a good fit for specific clients.  Karine is really friendly and approachable, and I felt that the service was very personalised (which I don’t think is the case with many agencies).  Karine gave me great advice, kept me fully updated at all stages, and helped with communicating any questions/negotiations back to her client. If I were ever looking for another job (which I hope won’t be for a while!) then Karine would be the first person I’d contact.  I will definitely recommend Karine and Atwood Tate to friends looking for a new job. Thanks so much for all your help! (Eleanor Wood, Medical Editor, SB Communications/Wounds Group (candidate), February 2015)

I dealt with Stefania at Atwood Tate and found her really approachable and professional at all times. She prepared me for my interview by emailing all the relevant details and tips in plenty of time before my interview. She communicated with me regularly right from my initial interest, through the interview process right until the end. She was always on the end of the phone if I needed her. I would definitely recommend this recruitment company. I had dealt with a few others in past months and this was a much better experience. And the best thing is…. I got the job. Thanks for your all your help Atwood Tate! (Mandy Humphries, Educational Sales Representative, Harper Collins (candidate), February 2015)

I have been very impressed with all the consultants I’ve been in contact with at Atwood Tate. All of them have been very professional, proactive and responsive. Advice on the suitability of roles has always been spot on, which made this time of looking for a new job a lot less stressful than it could have been. Karine Nicpon, who handled my final successful application, has been extremely helpful throughout the application process, keeping me up-to-date with the progress of the application and responding to and resolving any queries I had very quickly. I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate to anyone looking for a job within the publishing industry. (Recently placed candidate, January 2015)

The consultant I worked with was Karine Nicpon. I found Karine to be extremely proactive in her approach. I was forwarded suitable job opportunities within reputable companies. Interviews were quickly arranged and upon receiving an offer she was able to negotiate a higher starting salary. I would be happy to recommend Atwood Tate to anyone looking for a job within publishing. (Russell Etherington, Production Editor  (candidate), November 2014)

Claire Louise Kemp at Atwood Tate was fantastic from start to finish. I felt comfortable asking questions about the role, organization and interview, and really appreciated being kept informed as the process continued. I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate to others looking for a similar career move. Thank you. (Amber Bullingham, Desk Editor(candidate), November 2014)

From the first time she contacted me, to the day she called to say I got the job, Beatrice Harper excelled in every aspect of the recruitment process. I felt as though I was her only client and that she was out there advocating my skills and experience in a targeted and intelligent way. I was not once bothered with irrelevant roles and I never felt I was just another CV being punted from pillar to post. I would not hesitate in recommending Atwood Tate to anyone looking for a great job. (Recently placed Journalist, September 2014)

After doing freelance work for some time, I decided to go back to fulltime work and turned to Atwood Tate. Very quickly my name was put forward for a position as a deputy editor. Although in the end I did not get the job, it was a real pleasure to work with Dr Beatrice Harper at Atwood Tate. She took the time to understand what my strengths were and represented these fully to the company I was applying to work at, always keeping me abreast to the changes and updates to the post – which were many. There were three interviews which went with the job process and Beatrice gave me helpful tips for all three. With every other recruitment agency I have used, I never had the feeling that I was dealing with a professional. Beatrice is the complete exception to this and I would use her and Atwood Tate again in a heartbeat. The only thing which could have made the experience better would have been if I had got the post. —(Velo Mitrovich, Freelance Editor (candidate) September 2014)

Karine Nicpon was incredibly supportive through the recruitment process especially on the unsuccessful applications. I received regular job alerts and advice on outlining aspects of my interview skills that required improvement. Once I achieved my new role Karine was brilliant on negotiations which enabled me to take the next step in my career. I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate to future candidates as they are determined for you to succeed. —Production Controller, Phaidon Press April 2014

My recruitment experience with Atwood Tate was excellent! I dealt with Helen Speedy who was nothing short of fantastic in keeping me updated on any developments in the (extended) application process and, when the time came for interview, provided me with all the necessary information and support I needed. It felt like Helen was genuinely rooting for me throughout the application process and her friendly and professional manner made the process much easier. Little touches, such as the ‘good luck’ text on the morning of the interview and the handwritten ‘congratulations on your new job’ card sent to my new office, also made the process feel wonderfully personal, and it’s details such as this which really sets Atwood Tate apart from other recruitment agencies. I’ve been in my new role three weeks now and am absolutely loving it. Thanks Helen and all the folks at Atwood Tate! —Project Manager, Professional Publisher March 2014

I’ve really enjoyed working with Atwood Tate. My journey was quite a protracted one for a number of reasons, but Helen guided me through every step and really went above and beyond. She was even in touch on a Sunday when I had a phone interview in the Middle East.  I would thoroughly recommend AT to friends and colleagues. I was kept constantly updated and well-informed, and just felt really well looked after at every stage. I couldn’t be happier! —Thalia Suzuma, Candidate, Trade Publisher February 2014

After applying for the role on LinkedIn, Beatrice Harper was very helpful, professional and friendly throughout the whole recruitment process. She kept me updated, helped me prepare for the interview and was very forthcoming with any information I needed. I would certainly recommend people use Atwood Tate to help them progress their publishing career. — Andrew Cream, Editorial Manager, Agora Business Publications, February 2014

I was planning to relocate to the UK and looking for an editorial position there and a colleague of mine recommended Atwood Tate to me. The first application I submitted through Atwood Tate turned out to be successful! Catherine Roney (THANK YOU!) was very professional, helpful and friendly and I felt that despite long-distance communication we had excellent contact. I would wholeheartedly recommend Atwood Tate to other job seekers. — candidate, Series Editor, January 2014

I contacted Helen Speedy two years after gaining my first publishing role. I was ready to move on and progress my career into an area of publishing where I could specialise. Helen was quick to alert me to suitable roles and put me forward for ones that were a really good match for my skill set. I have now gained that much sought after second role which is a great career development move for me. I have not yet started working for my new company and I am really excited to be taking up the position in a month’s time. Atwood Tate’s consultants clearly have a deep understanding of their clients’ and candidates’ needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their service. — Nicola Stead, Development Editor, ICSA, August 2013

Claire Law was extremely helpful in helping me return to a career in publishing after a hiatus in bookselling. She was very encouraging and the communication all the way through the process was first class. In addition, the way she facilitated negotiations, not just on salary but also with childcare requirements, was first class. I have already recommended Atwood Tate to friends wishing to further their publishing careers. Thank you! — candidate, Sales Operations Manager, August 2013

Atwood Tate are excellent at matching you to suitable roles to give you the best chance of getting an interview, and between their consultants and their website they make sure you are fully prepared for each role. Claire Louise Kemp was extremely professional and able to answer any questions I had at each stage, and overall I was very happy with the service provided by Atwood Tate. I would definitely recommend them. — candidate, e-Content Specialist

Atwood Tate listened to and understood our requirements, advertised in the right places and only sent us relevant CVs. They managed the interview process very smoothly and allowed us to make decisions in our own time without ‘hassling’ us for instant feedback. I was very happy with their service and would certainly recommend them to other employers. — HR Manager, Royal Yachting Association, April 2013

I worked with Claire Louise Kemp at Atwood Tate. I wanted to move into a different area of publishing. Claire Louise understood my requirements immediately, and was extremely helpful, friendly, efficient and professional at all times. I applied for a role she suggested, and she helped me greatly throughout the recruitment process. I was delighted to be offered the role, and I am now very happy in my new job. I wouldn’t be in my new role without Claire Louise’s recommendation and help, and I am very grateful to her. I would certainly highly recommend Atwood Tate to other candidates wishing to make a career move. — Candidate, Nelson Thornes October 2012

Atwood Tate are, in my opinion, the best agency to use when looking for a job in publishing. They have the best roles listed and I feel they have really helped me to move forward in my career.  I was actually directly contacted by Helen Speedy about my new role as she thought it sounded like a good fit for me and something I would be interested in. It definitely was! It was exactly the type of position I was looking to move into so I felt as though Helen had really taken the time to read my CV and match me to the role.  It was lovely working with Helen. She was great at communicating with me throughout the process, even if there was no specific news. She gave me great advice going into my interviews and I really appreciated her help. I knew I could talk to Helen honestly and it was so nice to feel as though I had someone on my side, helping me to find the right job.  I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate to other publishing professionals looking for their next role. — Helen Roche, Reports Commissioning Editor at Ark Group August 2012

Atwood Tate has offered me a fantastic service. The email job alerts proved useful and offered relevant results. I was kept fully informed, guided throughout the entire process and quickly placed in an excellent role. The Atwood Tate team are very friendly yet professional. Helen Speedy seemed to take a genuine interest in helping me advance my career and Lucy Llewellyn was always efficient and very willing to help. I will use Atwood Tate again and would definitely recommend it to others. — Samantha Wright, Business Development Coordinator, Elsevier August 2012

I was extremely satisfied with the service I received from Atwood Tate. Helen was very proactive in helping me look for a suitable role and was also very professional, friendly and helpful. I was always kept well-informed at all stages of the interview process. I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate and would certainly use them again. — Candidate, Senior Development Editor, Cambridge University Press September 2012

I have nothing but good things to say of my experience with Atwood Tate. I felt my requirements & experience were understood right from the moment I registered. The email updates were helpful & accurate, & the team were extremely knowledgeable, friendly & encouraging. I would definitely go through them again & recommend them to anyone looking for their next job in publishing. My thanks to Helen Speedy & the team! Candidate, Contracts Manager May 2012

With this opportunity, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the recruiter Beatrice Harper and generally Atwood Tate for all of the help with my recent application and interview at a very prestigious company in London. Beatrice’s thorough understanding of the role and the requirements, along with her attention to detail, allowed me to come across very well at the interview, and gave me brilliant ideas for my job search. Thank you Beatrice and Atwood Tate for your help and high professionalism. – candidate, Perry Tastsidis

Atwood Tate contacted me with a role they thought might suit me, and although I was not actively looking for a new job at that time, they were right! The role they suggested was a perfect fit for my skills and experience. I applied for the job, and Olivia and Helen at Atwood Tate kept me informed through every step of the process, from putting my application in, to attending two interviews, to receiving a job offer. I found them professional, friendly and very helpful and I would recommend Atwood Tate without any hesitation to other candidates looking for a career in publishing. — Helen Ward, Key Account Manager at Bloomsbury (candidate), June 2016

From the moment I showed an interest in this role, the process of securing it took less than a week. The team at Atwood Tate were very flexible and efficient and I felt very safe with them helping me acquire this role. With my previous experience I could not have wished for a better suited first job in the UK publishing industry. I would happily recommend Atwood Tate to anyone interested in working in publishing. — candidate recently placed as Distribution Coordinator, January 2015

Atwood Tate were great in helping me to make my next career move. It was useful to discuss my CV with them and to receive job alerts that matched my skills and the types of job I was looking for. I also liked the personal touch when the team followed up on certain roles that they thought were especially suitable for me. Karine was really supportive and helpful throughout the recruitment process and made the whole process much easier and less stressful. I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate to other candidates. — Recently placed candidate, November 2014

My experience with Atwood Tate was fantastic from start to finish. Claire Louise was highly professional and approachable, and was quick to understand what I was looking for. The fact that it took less than 6 weeks for me to find my new role is a testament to that. I highly recommend Atwood Tate and would certainly use them again. — candidate recently placed as Publishing Assistant, Health Press, January 2015

My experience with Atwood Tate was very positive from the start. I am very happy with the way I was approached by Beatrice and the initial interview with her. She was attentive and patient with me, listened to everything I said and took an interest in my personal circumstances. I felt well informed and updated at all stages of the recruitment process. The job alerts I received matched my profile and skills well. I received the alerts via email and this worked well for me. I have already recommended Atwood Tate to other candidates and will be happy to recommend the company as an experienced intermediary in the job market in the future as well. If I ever need this type of service again myself, I will definitely contact Atwood Tate. — Vanya Damyanova, Reporter, Metropolis Business Media (candidate), January 2015

I would strongly recommend anyone looking to change jobs in the publishing industry to consult with Atwood Tate. I worked with Stephanie Hall mainly and found her to be extremely professional and helpful in sending opportunities to me and guiding me through the application process. I felt that Atwood Tate had a very wide range of publishing contacts leading to them sending me appropriate vacancies. Stephanie was also unfailingly supportive and positive during the process of finding the right job. I am very happy in the position I found through working with Atwood Tate so would not hesitate to recommend them. — Ben Dorning, Institutional Sales Manager, SAGE Publications, August 2014

I’ve always had horrible experiences with recruitment companies, but Atwood Tate is the exception. I found Atwood Tate’s service to be the best of a recruitment company I’ve ever used. Response and feedback were very quick and everything was very professional. I’d use it again in a heartbeat. — April Arrington (candidate), Children’s Designer, Trade Publisher June 2014

I was extremely happy with Atwood Tate, and cannot thank Claire Louise Kemp enough for her help in securing my new role. From the early stages of my initial search, right up until accepting the job offer, I cannot fault the service I received. Unlike other agencies I was using, Atwood Tate didn’t bombard me with emails and Claire Louise only called with jobs that were of real interest and met my requirements – so refreshing after months of being cold-called by other agencies! I have recommended Atwood Tate to other job seekers, and think Claire Louise did an excellent job. I’m very happy in my new role! — Candidate, Trade Publisher, May 2014

An excellent service, with immediate contact and responses from day one. I had submitted my resume to a couple of agencies previously, but found that the radar was very unresponsive. Atwood Tate took the time to guide me in repackaging my resume, although in the end it wasn’t necessary, as the agency had found me a job within one week! Claire Louise had identified a job match that I would never have thought would be available to me. I literally couldn’t believe it, and will remain grateful that I have such an opportunity to develop my skills in the publishing industry. Overall, all information was communicated seamlessly, making the transition into the new job really easy. I would definitely recommend Atwood Tate to other job seekers. — Candidate, Commissioning Editor Jan 2013

Beatrice Harper was a tremendous help during my job hunts; she was determined to help me find that perfect role. I rarely come across recruiting professionals who are committed and caring, and genuinely believe in job hunters – Candidate , Naomi Osinnowo

Atwood Tate contacted me with a role they thought might suit me, and although I was not actively looking for a new job at that time, they were right! The role they suggested was a perfect fit for my skills and experience. I applied for the job, and Olivia and Helen at Atwood Tate kept me informed through every step of the process, from putting my application in, to attending two interviews, to receiving a job offer. I found them professional, friendly and very helpful and I would recommend Atwood Tate without any hesitation to other candidates looking for a career in publishing. — Helen Ward, Key Account Manager at Bloomsbury (candidate), June 2016

Claire Law did a great job of overseeing my recruitment process – from first contact through several interviews she gave me support and advice on the best way forwards and provided significant input into my negotiation on the contract and salary. I’d certainly recommend her and Atwood Tate to other candidates. — Candidate, Publishing Director, Independent Trade Publisher May 2014