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Which literary figure would you be?
George (Georgina) from ‘The Famous Five’ series by Enid Blyton. She was my favourite character when I was a little girl because I was just like her, a bit of a tomboy and delighted every time someone mistook me for a boy! She is clever, brave and loyal with quite a hot temper. And she gets to live so many adventures and solve mysteries all the time. What a perfect childhood!

If you were given the chance to have one superpower from any book/comic character, what would you have?
Telekinesis, definitely! First because I’m terribly lazy. Then isn’t it the coolest superpower ever? Add telepathy to that, and I would make a much funnier Jean Grey! I wouldn’t die so many times to start with and I would probably dump Scott/Cyclops and his eye problem for Logan/Wolverine!

What book are you reading at the moment and what do you think of it?
I just finished Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. I saw the movie a few years ago and was already impressed by the desire for freedom expressed by the main character Holly Golightly. The book is so much more complex though. It is not only about freedom, it’s more about finding who she is and where she belongs. Holly Golightly is an incredibly modern character. Of course we can always find a way to identify ourselves with a character. But it is not surprising I guess if I was touched by this story when a year and a half ago I moved to England, looking for the same freedom and adventure as Holly (except that my idea of freedom is not a rich husband!). Capote’s writing is stunning too. I’ve never set a foot in New York and yet I could smell the heavy rainy afternoons of a late summer and the choking heat of the city. Completely fascinating!

What have been the highlights of the past year?
Moving to London! And getting this position at Atwood Tate. That was two massive changes in my life and I’m so glad I made the move.

Who would you invite to your fantasy literary dinner party?
Oscar Wilde, because apart from being the great author we all know, I imagine him as being the perfect guest: clever, funny, elegant, irreverent and decadent.

Miss Marple. I love old people, they always have a lot of interesting stories to tell. And she could find out all about the little secrets of the other guests. AND she could be extremely useful if someone gets killed (in the library with the candlestick).

Simone de Beauvoir, one of the greatest French thinkers, writers and philosophers of the 20th century. She did a lot for contemporary feminism and had quite an extraordinary life. Such an inspiration!

F. S. Fitzgerald, for the music of his writing, this fascinating, obsessive, haunting rhythm. When I finish reading one of his books, I’m always stuck in it for a ages. It’s like waking up very slowly from a delicate dream, like his words got tattooed on your skin… I’m a big fan.

Alex Turner! I know, he’s a musician. But also one of the best lyricists of his/my generation. To me his songs are so close to poems. And we do need a bit of rock’n’roll in this dinner!

True fact: I’m French. What else?

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