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Times have certainly changed since I started work as a Production Assistant for publishing houses only a decade ago. Now, rather than massaging strained biceps from carrying piles of carefully packaged proofs from desk to desk, we harp on about carpel tunnel syndrome and ponder deep thoughts about metadata.

Which, in turn, leads me to how do we now find work in Publishing when there is so much going on? And where is the industry going anyway? The answer is there isn’t really an answer. No one seems to know.

The basics for finding a job in publishing remain the same. Publishing is an extremely competitive industry. It’s exciting, creative and constantly breaking new ground. Networking, CV structure, interview techniques, market awareness and of course that flawless cover letter are all very important for finding work. But there are now extra bits of data to tag onto the process. If you are interested in Digital Publishing, being realistic, if you want in you have to plug in – which means venturing online, Tweeting and getting involved in as many ways as possible. Start researching. Get a handle on the kind of skills you are going to need and keep learning. The main requisite for a role in digital publishing is a passion for the internet and technology itself. You won’t essentially need to have an acute understanding of coding but you will need to fully embrace the internet and all that comes with it,

Then start thinking about attending seminars, talks and networking events which will give you an overall impression of the industry and also present you with a good chance for meeting likeminded publishing people.

Then figure out how you would fit into the industry. Start with Twitter. It’s not going anywhere and is one of the most valuable tools out there for research, commercial viability, market trend awareness and contact with likeminded people.

Lastly, join an agency, such as Atwood Tate You may not see the point in joining an agency but Atwood Tate is certainly the freshest face of publishing recruitment. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry and a list of contacts well established over many different arms of the industry. With all fingers firmly on the pulse we can send you quick and relevant jobs, guide you through the interview process and advise you every step of the way towards your perfect role. We make every use of online social networking and work hard to ensure you, and our clients, have the perfect match to the perfect role.

To make a start follow our tweets @atwoodtate

And good luck.


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  1. I see that a lot of jobs require experience in digital manuscript submission. Is it possible to gain this by yourself – through a course or something similar – or is it just learned on a job?

    • You can indeed learn how to produce ebooks on a course either privately or through university. Although some publishing companies will provide a degree of training if the role demands it.

      • fictavia

        Thank you for the helpful reply, Sam. The private course availability is good to know, especially since I didn’t do an MA in Publishing (though am considering it).

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