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Often it depends entirely on who you talk to. Some say that publishing is on the brink of collapse. Many say the printed word will be dead within five years. A brave few say that the main contenders will stand firm and remain unchanged. The fearful many will just have to wait and see. In all respects the passion remains untouched. It’s almost like a multi layered game of poker. The only differences being that you can see your opponent’s cards, there aren’t any rules and no one can possibly estimate how long the game will last for.

From a recruitment perspective it’s been, and is going to be, a fascinating yet challenging time. As an agency we are constantly adapting to the changing face of the industry as and when it happens. We have to. Everything is evolving. Sadly with evolution comes destruction and we’ve had to bear witness to the downfall of some established and illustrious names who just don’t know where to turn anymore.

So we turn to those who can point us in the right direction. We dig deep into the minds of our new pioneers of the industry. We analyse trends and seek new language. We take time to ask people working in the industry what their opinions are, what they’ve learned and how they perceive the industry as it stands. We want to know what they think. We want to know what you think. There’s no right or wrong answer but that’s the entire point. If we don’t learn from those that have already learned their lessons then we would be as lost as those who currently feel they are.

Evolution also brings birth and subsequent rebirth. As we explore digital dominions there are new skills required, new lessons to learn, new ideas, new technology, new candidates and new companies. The entire span of the industry, from assistant editor to managing director, is bearing witness to the birth of a new age. Where once we were afraid we now embrace the multi-faceted collage that we now claim to be our new conceptual business model. As complicated as this may be there’s a sense of freedom to it. The industry’s lack of direction can only inspire the path seekers to keep searching for their final destination. The rules have been changed, broken and rewritten. We now seek the brave, the entrepreneurial, the opportunists and the steady pair of hands.

The advantage we have as an agency is that all of our consultants have worked in the publishing industry. We understand the late nights in the office meeting an impossible schedule. We have pored through the slush piles. We have felt the fizzing office atmosphere of a new publication creeping through a last minute embargo.  We have clutched advance copies to our breathless chests. We have clinched sales deals only to charge onto the next one. We are fascinated by the changes our industry is experiencing and are as passionate as you are.

We can help you find the right people to help drive you in whatever direction you are choosing to go. Equally we take much needed time with both clients and candidates. It’s not just about the skills sets or the salary or the people they know. It’s about the passion, the office culture, the personality fit and the feeling you get when you meet a candidate and your heart beats a little faster when you know that they have a great and grand future ahead of them.

These are challenging times. These are opportunistic times. The future of the book is in our hands. We can help you shape it.

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