Show Us Your Shelfies!

So #shelfie fever seems to have gripped the nation. Not only are the newspapers reporting on it, but the Instagram tag for #shelfie has over 50,000 posts. You only need to put the tag into Tumblr to be faced with pages and pages of  beautifully organised shelves full of books, plants, crockery, and small figurines (which make me rethink my disorganised IKEA units are home). So, we decided to bring you our shelfies, from inside our own homes, and we’d love to see yours!
(Plus points if you can guess which shelfie belongs to which consultant)

Shelfie 3

Shelfie 2

Shelfie 5-1

(Digital shelfie!)

Shelfie 4

Shelfie 1-1


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