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Summer events with Beanstalk

First up, you may have seen the recent coverage in the Evening Standard of the Get Reading Festival which is going to be held in Trafalgar Square on Saturday July 13, from 11am-5pm (http://www.standard.co.uk/staticpage/getreadingevent/)

The free event will feature famous authors and celebrities reading on a big stage backed by an enormous interactive screen with thousands of children following along. It’s a wonderful chance to experience the magic of reading in an iconic setting. Beanstalk have been given a stand and airtime on stage to play our new video. They are expecting around 4,000 people an hour on site and are looking forward to being able to engage with such a large audience, raise awareness of the issue of illiteracy and spread the word about our work.

Do visit the festival if you can as it’s set to be a great day but they’re also looking for willing volunteers who could lend a hand for a couple of hours. They’ve been lucky enough to secure spots for collections at 5 tube stations based around Trafalgar Square on 13th July and need recruits to help shake some buckets.  Let us know ASAP if you’re free and we can send further details on the event to all volunteers.

Next up, Beanstalk is proud to present their first ever BeansWalk! This is a unique literary walk combining elements of a treasure hunt and a pub quiz. Teams will be competing against each other to decipher clues leading them from one literary landmark to another in the historically rich area of Holborn. The course has been designed by Joy Levene an accredited Blue Badge Guide.

BeansWalk takes place on the 29th of July, starting and ending at the Square Pig in Holborn where there will be a private room to rest, announce the winning team and enjoy a few drinks. They also do lovely food so worth checking out their website! (http://www.squarepigholborn.com/)Tickets will cost £10 per person and teams will have a maximum of 8 people. All proceeds will be donated to Beanstalk.

They have a limited number of places available and spaces are filling up fast so please register your interest ASAP by emailing Liz.Bennett@beanstalkcharity.org.uk with your contact details and the number of guests interested. (please mention how you heard about it)

We hope you’ll be able to support this charity which we feel does invaluable work!




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