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Raising your profile through LinkedIn

With the current challenges in the job market, it is becoming even more important to stand out from the crowd and create as many opportunities as you can to get in front of potential employers.

One easy and fast way to do this is to create a personal LinkedIn profile that showcases your personality, interests and skills.

Before starting or updating your profile ask yourself how you would like people to see you.  Who is your target audience that you are trying to reach and influence?

Start with adding a photo. Ideally this should be a high resolution recent image that looks like you and has your entire face visible. You should look professional but relaxed and smiling to welcome your audience.

Add an attention grabbing Headline. This is the best way to get your profile noticed and hopefully help you to get interviews.  Remember that a lot of potential hiring managers will view your profile so you need to show your skills and expertise and communicate the value you will bring to them.  Try to include one keyword or phrase for the type of job you want.  Don’t waste your headline by just putting your job title – always personalise and develop to include relevant keywords that will help people find you. You only have 120 characters, so make sure you use them effectively.

Next you can expand on your headline, in your summary. This space gives you a maximum of 2000 characters to define yourself and your experiences in your own words. It is your chance to sell yourself by highlighting your achievements and show your enthusiasm for the sectors that you are trying to influence. If you need inspiration, there are countless examples that you can view online but try to make yours unique and personal to yourself.  Keep to short paragraphs to make it easy to read.

Next add your experience.  Start with your current or last position and expand as much as possible on any accomplishments or examples of where you have added value to team projects or team initiatives.  Keep it clear and concise with bullet points where appropriate to break up the text.  If you are looking for your first role you can still add any part-time work experience you have had or relevant experience through your education.

Add your education, including where and what you studied. Research from LinkedIn suggests that people who list these details get up to 11x more profile views.

Keep your profile up to date and relevant by posting and sharing content that you are interested in and that shows your passion for your career aspirations. Posting videos and photos will make your page more engaging and eye-catching.

Add skills you want to be known for under ‘endorsements’, to enable connections to endorse you. This will add credibility to your profile.

In summary, your LinkedIn profile is a great way to show people who you are and what you stand for. People can find you and see what you are interested in through your content and posts. It needs to be kept up-to-date and relevant and should be written with keywords in mind for discoverability.

Once you are happy with your profile, it is time to start connecting and building relationships. You can let recruiters know that you’re open to new opportunities which will encourage them to contact you.  By adding titles and locations you’re interested in, you’ll help them understand what you’re looking for.

It is important to understand your privacy settings to have control over your profile and its visibility so you can customise it to fit your needs. Within these settings you can also choose to keep your job search private and visible only to recruiters if you wish.

Remember – Your personal brand is you, your reputation, your personality and energy. It is therefore important to optimise it.

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How to use LinkedIn to get a Job


How to use LinkedIn to get a Job

LinkedIn is a professional social media site, with over 225 million users, which is a great place to start when beginning a job search.

Whilst not social in the sense of funny meme sharing and night out gossip, is a great way to socialise and network with potential employers and recruiters. It is also a great hub for learning more about different industries and networking.

If you attend an event, for example the London Book Fair, and meet a publishing professional in the queue of a café, get their name and link up with them afterwards. You never know where a future encounter might take you, and having a LinkedIn account can make it so much easier!

As such, the first step is to create a LinkedIn account!

Whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship, internship, part-time, temporary or permanent role, having a LinkedIn account can be really beneficial.

Not only can you create your own LinkedIn account for people to find, you can also follow other people’s accounts and company profiles. Such as our own: Atwood Tate.

We regularly post our latest jobs, competitions, blogs, and industry news on our account so it is worth following! You can also follow our recruitment consultants and have a one-to-one way of communicating and access to their latest jobs in their sector of job type.

For example: Karine Nicpon handles Editorial roles in B2B and will post these jobs to her LinkedIn account.

But firstly, you need your own account.

Here are some simple tips on how to make your account as professional as possible and use LinkedIn to get a job:

  • Make sure your profile photo is clear and professional. Do not upload a picture of yourself on your latest night out or of striking a silly pose. Use a photo that shows your whole face, is un-blurred and looks professional but approachable.
  • Add your experience – LinkedIn is more social than a CV so you don’t have to be as thoroughly detailed or structured, you can describe your roles with simple bullet points or a brief description. You can also write in first person rather than third.
  • Use keywords – some recruiters search by specific words, for example we search for the keyword Publishing and, depending on roles we have in, editorial or publishing sales etc. But you can also include keywords like office experience, languages, B2B, admin experience etc
  • Fill out everything! If you have volunteer experience, however small, add it, along with any accomplishments you are proud of and any skills or hobbies that you have.
  • Include your contact details – these will only be available to people that you accept as followers, but a recruiter will need them to get in contact with you about potential jobs.
  • Upload a CV! As a recruiter this is really important to us, as this will hold more details on your education, background and specific skills. It is also what a recruiter will need for when they later put you forward for jobs!

Once you have made your LinkedIn account as professional as possible you can follow people!


  • Follow companies you are interested in for information on their business, where they’re based, their company size and any jobs that they are advertising.
  • Follow the companies that you have worked for in the past, however small. Link them to your work experience categories to give more information to future employees!
  • Follow recruitment companies for information on their latest jobs! You can see our current jobs on LinkedIn here.


  • Contact friends, colleagues and family to link up as contacts. Not only can you stay in touch (it is a social network after all) but you can also endorse each other’s skills! This lets companies/recruiters know that you’re telling the truth when you say you have experience in HTML, French and Networking, for example.
  • Follow old colleagues and tutors/teachers for potential referrals for future jobs. The more contacts you have the better.
  • Follow recruitment consultants or HR recruiters at potential companies you would like to work for. They might get in touch directly in future.

Now you’ve created your profile and linked up with people you can start applying for roles advertised on companies LinkedIn pages. You can even search for potential roles in the search bar and get job alerts to let you know when a job fitting your preferences and previous job searches becomes available.

We hope that this post helps you with your job search! And we hope that you’ll come and follow us on our LinkedIn account for more details and news on all our latest jobs, our business and industry news. You can also follow us on our other social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

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