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Companies: Why You Should Consider Temps

Why You Should Consider Temps

Companies: Why You Should Consider Temps

Our articles on temping have typically been to inform candidates of the many benefits that come with temping, both professionally and personally. But today, we’d like to point out the many reasons why temping is such a useful avenue for clients to consider.

  • The flexibility of temps also means company flexibility.

If you’re expanding your team but you’re not quite prepared to hire a permanent person, a temporary employee is a great way to establish exactly what it is you need in terms of additional resources. Maybe you’ve never had extra hands on deck and you’re only now starting to realise the new objectives you can tackle. A temp-to-perm scenario can be a match made in heaven for company and employee alike. As someone grows into a newly created role and reveals the kind of results that can be produced with more staff. The manager can then take these results to HR as Exhibit A on what expanding the team can mean for everyone.

But more than that,

  • Temps bring their own expertise with them.

They don’t need to be entry-level candidates acting as a stop-gap. By hiring consultants or veteran freelancers, a company also gets to avail of a temporary worker’s own experiences, the different business practices they’ve witnessed in their time. New blood often means new ideas and even if the worker doesn’t stick around, their contributions can last forever.

And, of course,

  • Temporary workers can provide much needed breathing space to permanent employees.

When the day-to-day administration is taken off their hands, they’re able to concentrate on the bigger picture and implement the projects. This improve service and streamline practices. You can get a lot done when you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Even if it’s only for a little while.

So, for anyone who’s currently reviewing team numbers or work-loads, don’t commit until you know for sure exactly what you need – try a temp today! Get in touch with Kellie Millar, who manages our Temps and Freelancers desk, or her colleague, Alison Redfearn, and they can send you more workers than you can shake a stick at!

5 reasons to get a temp:

  • Cover sick leave
  • Cover holiday
  • Help with a project
  • Flexibility – have for 1 day / 1 week / 1 month…
  • No admin – we cover all payment, NI, holiday pay, pension

Kellie Millar
E: kelliemillar@atwoodtate.co.uk
Tel: 02070347897

Alison Redfearn
E: alisonredfearn@atwoodtate.co.uk
Tel: 02070347922

You can also contact us with any questions via our social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram.

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Recruitment at Christmas Time


It’s that time of the year again. The first dates of the advent calendar have been pried open, the decorations have gone up, the streets of London are lit like a chandelier and, of course, Die Hard is on TV. But what does it mean work-wise?

Well, for a lot of offices, it means a short month as everyone closes up for the holidays. And where there are brief intervals, there are temporary contracts!

Already, the temps desk has had several short-term roles in that start immediately and run up to Christmas Eve. These vary from junior roles to more senior ones, with some contracts extending into the new year, depending on workload and performance.

A lot of people think Christmas is an unstable time to go job-hunting but here at Atwood Tate, we can attest to the fact that the search never stops. Some people like to wait it out, go into professional hibernation, so to speak, and check what the lay of the land is in the new year. How is anyone supposed to think about a new job when there’s Christmas shopping to do, family and friends to see, Star Wars films to watch in the cinema?

But we know from experience that some companies are looking to fill roles right up to the holidays and the industry is ripe with opportunities for the brave and the bold.

This very minute, we are reading applications, arranging interviews, sending congratulations, playing matchmaker between client and candidate like we always do. Christmas doesn’t need to be a quiet period, it can be the ladder to a very different year for you! So, if you’re looking for a change, drop us a line. John McClane was in the wrong place at the wrong time but if you’re smart, you could be in the right place at the right time!

To get in touch with the temps desk about possible temp work over Christmas call Kellie Millar on 02070347897 or Alison Redfearn on 02070347922!

Be sure to enter our Christmas Giveaway for a  chance to win a Stocking of Christmas Goodies!

If you have any questions regarding our temps team, temp jobs or other just get in contact with us via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.! We’re happy to help!

Merry Christmas!

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Top Tips for Temps

Top Tips for Temps

Here on the temps and freelance desk, we know how tricky temping can be for newcomers. That’s why we’ve put together some helpful tips to guide you!

  • Listen up

It’s your first day. You’ve just met the team. They’ve been doing this job for a while now, how do you make a good impression? Listen closely. The sooner you understand exactly what’s required, the sooner you can get started. Temps who respond quickly and effectively are a dream for our busy clients. If you can hit the ground running, you’ll never be out of work!

  • Get to know people

This one’s pretty straightforward but it doesn’t just apply to your team or your line manager. Get to know the company, the different departments and what they do. Being a temp is like being the new kid at school – you can make this a lot easier by getting to know your colleagues across the board. An anecdote here, a joke there, soon you’ll be joining them for lunch or a cheeky drink at five in their beloved local.

  • Remember your timesheet!

If you’ve never temped before, this is quite an easy mistake to make. You’ve showed up, you’ve done the work, it’s time to go home, right? Afraid not. As a temp, you’ll need to submit your hours every week for approval. The smartest thing to do is set a calendar reminder to submit every Friday. That way, it gives your line manager time to approve and prevents you having to make a panicky phone call to your agency at the eleventh hour. Most agencies have a very straightforward process for this so it only takes a minute – get it out of the way and enjoy your weekend!

  • Prove yourself 

Volunteer for extra assignments. Check if your line manager needs a hand with anything – they don’t always delegate everything and it can impress them when you ask for more than they’ve given you. This makes the right impression so when it comes to hiring a permanent employee, they realise the perfect person has been with them all along. We’ve placed lots of temps who ended up going permanent because they went the extra mile.

  • Stay in touch with your agency

This is important because as an agency, we are in touch with HR all the time. We feedback to you and let you know when they’re happy with your work – and, most importantly, if they’re considering keeping you on longer. We can also let you know about other roles we have in that might interest you so you can move smoothly from one position to another with as little fuss as possible. We’re here to help so give us a call or drop us a line at any time.

  • What are you good at? What do you like?

The beauty of temping is discovering what you’re good at and what actually interests you. Temps often carry out a lot of ad hoc duties, sometimes providing support to different departments. This can help you to figure out what you enjoy the most, whether it’s communications, administration, financial aspects, data analysis – and once you know, you can set your sights on that specific role. You can let us know too and we’ll be sure to let you know if we have any suitable jobs in.

  • Holiday

Finally, holiday. As a temp, you won’t have a set amount of holidays like a permanent employee. Instead, you will accrue holiday at a percentage of your hours. Your agency can let you know how much holiday you have to take so you can save it up or use it to cover that long-awaited trip of yours. The longer you temp for, the more holiday you’ll accrue so it’s good to plan ahead.

That’s it for handy tips. But remember, when you temp with us, we’re always here to advise and guide you so if you’re not sure, just pick up the phone!

The Temps Team:

Kellie Millar, Manager (Temps/Freelancers)

Tel:    020 7034 7897         Email: kelliemillar@atwoodtate.co.uk

Alison Redfearn, Temps/Freelancers Consultant

Tel:    020 7034 7922         Email: alisonredfearn@atwoodtate.co.uk

Michael Lawlor, Temps/Freelancers Administrator

Tel:    020 7034 7899         Email: michaellawlor@atwoodtate.co.uk

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Pensions and Temporary Workers

I was reading a book a few nights ago about saving for a pension, as new legislation has been introduced to enrol employees into pension schemes. Not only is this applicable to employees but also temporary workers.

Employees as well as temporary workers will automatically be enrolled into pension schemes where employers match a percentage of the contributions they make. From June 2016 any of Atwood Tate’s temporary workers will be automatically enrolled in our pension scheme after 12 weeks in the same assignment, unless you choose to ‘opt out’. But the contributions you do make into a pension scheme are tax deductible. The minimum contribution by employees is 1% contribution with employers matching this 1% payment. This is set to increase over the following years.

As Manager of the Temps and Freelance Team here, I was a bit sceptical about temporary workers making pensions contributions. Temps work in short term assignments how can it possibly work for them to make pension contributions?  Also when you’re young and you have your whole life in front of you, the last thing you want to think about is saving for old age and retirement.

However, what I learned in this book was something my parents failed to educate me on.

I was intrigued to read, the older you get the bigger your contributions need to be and the more money you should be saving. Being originally from the US and Canada, I also learned you won’t get a full pension in the UK if you have lived here less than 35 years. The book also said the government can only do so much and is trying to make us aware now that you won’t be able to afford to do so many lovely things on a state pension.  Pension legislation is complicated but there are people out there to help.

After reading this, I realised this scheme also helps make people of all ages think about the value of saving, not just for a rainy day, but for all of those wonderful things you will be able to finally do when the kids have left home and you are no longer in the working world, free to enjoy your retirement.

I also started to warm to the idea that starting to save for a pension as a temporary worker is a beginning and a way to get you started early. The younger you are the less you need to start contributing.

I now understand it’s a good idea to save a little now and you can still have holidays when you finally don’t have to work anymore. Live your dreams now and in the future and with good advice and a plan, you can!

For general Pension advice: https://www.gov.uk/workplace-pensions/about-workplace-pensions

If you’d like to more about temping with Atwood Tate and the latest legislation, have a look at our brochure with more information and guidance. Please also call us to sign up!  https://www.atwoodtatepublishingjobs.co.uk/downloads/ATW20_BROCHURE.pdf

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New member of the team! Kellie Millar – Temps Consultant

We’re delighted to announce the latest addition to the team here at Atwood Tate: Kellie Millar.
Kellie Millar - photo

Kellie has recently joined us to look after our temps division. She brings a wealth of experience in recruitment, having spent the past 6 years placing candidates within media and publishing, into a variety of roles, including both print and digital. She is very customer service focused with both candidates and clients alike and is also used to responding quickly to urgent requests.

Kellie is responsible for placing candidates into a variety of assignments, taking into account individual skills and passions for the publishing industry, and how these can add value to our clients businesses. A bit more about Kellie can be found on our meet the team page

If you’re in need of a temp, she has a pool of quality people ready and available even at short notice to help keep your business running smoothly.
If you’re looking for temp work, get in touch to let her know that you’re available!

Tel: 020 7487 8235
Email: kelliemillar@atwoodtate.co.uk

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