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Tech Talks: Ecommerce is Moving into Content PPA HQ 16th June 2015, one of the PPA’s Digital Masterclass Series

The PPA is inviting publishers to take part in Tech Talks – a new series of digital masterclasses for PPA members. Each of the Tech Talks sessions focuses on a specific area of digital publishing.

Ecommerce is Moving into Content
Since Amazon emerged in the late 90s, there has not been much change in eCommerce. However, a new trend is emerging, and the largest digital publishers and platforms are introducing features and solutions, enabling users to buy what they read about, without leaving the site – reversing the flow, so the shopping experience is brought to the user, rather than redirecting the user to the shop.
This was a fascinating presentation by Simon Goldschmidt, the CEO of Atosho, which, in 2011, was the first company to launch a platform for “distributed ecommerce”.
We heard how publishers are monetising content in a different way, driving revenue as well as increasing reader engagement, by providing an integrated service.
It is hard convincing your readers to change their buying habits, and, no surprise, Google is leading the way here. But publishers such as Condé Nast are also climbing on the bandwagon.
Seasonality is key and typical purchases include DIY, beauty, home and garden and some fashion.
For the consumer, it’s a convenient and seamless purchasing experience that is offered to them when they are “inspired” to make a purchase.
Content matters – readers are more likely to make a purchase that is embedded in, for instance, the pieces written by their favourite sports journalist.
For the publisher, it is a good way to monetise what would otherwise be free content.
I’m sure we’ll all be hearing much more about this in the future!

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