Temping, On the Runway Towards Paid Employment

I would like to give hope to those interns out there slogging their guts out and working for free. You are developing the skills for the new publishing age and are the new stars of the industry. This is where a great temps recruiter can help you with that next step and getting paid. As a temp, you are not yet in a stable role, but this time you can actually afford a round at the bar!

As an intern you are on your own. Thrown in at the deep end, no one to hold your hand.  Well, a recruiter, acts as your agent. They keep in contact with their talent and develop a partnership. They do a lot of work on your behalf, also informing you about new jobs as they arise.

When you are temping, there is a lot of trust involved. Clients provide a set of criteria and instructions to follow. It is up to a recruiter to meet that criteria. When a recruiter gives you advice such as amending your CV or writing a cover letter, that recruiter is trying their best to help you get a job and also meet the client’s demands. Publishing is a very competitive industry for you and for them. It may take that little bit of extra work but once when you are on your way to getting your first pay packet how happy will you be?

Once when you are in a temporary job, you need to make sure that your line manager is happy but so is your recruiter. It sounds like a lot of pressure, I know. But when the client feeds back to the recruiter with glowing reports about your work, guess who the recruiter calls again?  It is also very important to get your timesheet signed by your line manager and back to the recruiter every week. This document helps you get paid. It is easy to forget in the beginning, and your recruiter will remind you to get it submitted on time, but as a temp, it is your responsibility to remember. A good recruiter doesn’t just throw you in at the deep end, they email and call to see how you are getting on, and answer any questions you may have.

The relationship you have with your recruiter does not have to stop with one assignment.  Ok, so you may get another internship or work for someone else.  When the time comes, you will call your recruiter again because they showed they cared about you, made sure you had all the knowledge necessary and helped you with interview tips to land that all important paid role.

But remember too. You also helped that recruiter by being the star that you are, proving yourself and doing a great job.  When the time comes and you have the power to use an agency to recruit staff, your recruiter wants you to remember them fondly too.

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  1. Marika

    Hi Kellie Millar,

    Do you have any suggestions for recruiters that could help you get a temping job in the publishing industry?

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