Use your time positively to upskill yourself online

Now may be the perfect time to upskill yourself. With millions of us forced to stay at home, it is a great time to take advantage of access to numerous free online courses and information. This will not only add to your future employability but also give you a focus, particularly if you are currently not employed or furloughed.

The department of education has launched a fantastic set of resources The Skills Toolkit.

This offers free digital and numeracy courses at various levels and covers topics such as the fundamentals of digital marketing and the effective use of social media.  With 82% of jobs requiring digital skills, increasing your knowledge in these areas is always going to be useful. It is also a great way to add to your CV and gives the opportunity to link what you have learnt to a required competence in a job vacancy.  You can use these resources as a simple introduction to various topics or move onto more advanced concepts within the courses to really master skills, such as learning to write your own computer programs.

Job descriptions often ask for a good level of Microsoft Office, particularly Excel (check out v lookups and pivot tables), practice some Powerpoint and InDesign basics too.

One particular skill that many of us are having to grapple more with is how to optimize productivity whilst working remotely.  LinkedIn is offering hours of content on various aspects of working from home, to help you or your teams  

Up tech also have plenty of advice on how you can leverage productivity tools to support remote working

You could also consider using your time to teach others new skills. This will not only make you feel more positive and empowered but hopefully help the person you are teaching to feel this too.

Don’t forget you can also practice your more creative skills so write a diary or blog, try cooking some new dishes, learn a language – these will also be good content for your CV.

Good luck!

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